Small Business

Custom bookkeeping services for small businesses.

Bookkeeping Needs

You run your small business with a keen eye for growth – Proper management of your books is essential to gaining credibility with each of your financial institutions and professional or investment partners. LedgersOnline shares your vision. We allow you to streamline your small business bookkeeping and accounting. Integrating our solutions with your business will provide you with the financial management credibility they require.

Highly qualified and experienced bookkeeping team that works with your business to satisfy your financial needs.

We provide accounts payable, bank reconciliations, cheque prep, expense reports, payroll, financial statements, and more.

We work with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Simply Accounting, FreshBooks, Xero, PCLaw and more.


Company Information

  • 1 - 10 employees
  • Using QuickBooks (or similiar package)
  • Fewer than 100 monthly transactions

Our Approach

  • What you get

    All of our services are reviewed by a qualified accounting / bookkeeping professional on a regular basis Our service is customized for the type of help that you need, including accounting help Digital copies of all your accounting documents can be stored, management and collaborated on using our document management system online application. Easy access to your accounting data from anywhere, anytime via our accounting application hosting Data backed up multiple times a day to ensure the safety of your information All for an affordable fixed monthly fee

  • Resulting benefits

    Not only do you save time hiring bookkeepers and accountants or doing your own bookkeeping and accounting, you also receive consistent quality of financial records. This means more accurate financial information, digitalized files, and application hosting to ensure you have your business’ financial information available at your fingertips. You also receive a a confidential and professional help desk service which means you are never alone while making important business decisions.

Mid-Sized Business Bookkeeping