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How our QuickBooks Hosting Service Works

We also host Simply Accounting, Telpay, PCLaw and more

"3 steps to accessing your accounting application from anywhere anytime"

Accounting application hosting with LedgersOnline allows for you to access accounting and bookkeeping data in real-time regardless of your location. Our cloud accounting system "web-enables" your existing accounting software, giving you anywhere, anytime access to your live financial data. Our most popular solutions are QuickBooks hosting and Simply Accounting hosting which are Windows & Mac supported along with our other offerings.

Eliminate the hassle of emailing files back and forth, and instead, easily enable collaboration between a business, bookkeeper, and accountant as part of the workflow.

* We host: QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics, Accpac, PCLaw, Telpay and more ...

Step 1

We host your existing desktop accounting application on our servers in a secure Colocation facility.

LedgersOnline QuickBooks Hosting Canada Step 1

Step 2

Our hosting allows an individual or multiple users to login to their accounting application seamlessly and securely anywhere, anytime by simply clicking on the LedgersOnline login icon on their desktop.

LedgersOnline QuickBooks Hosting Services Step 2

Step 3

After clicking on the LedgersOnline desktop icon, you are prompted for your unique username and password for a secure login. A successful login publishes the accounting applications to your desktop ready for use -- as if they were installed locally on that computer.

LedgersOnline QuickBooks Hosting Services Step 3


Below are some of the benefits you receive:
  • Publish your desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac and Windows access
  • Real time access from multiple locations to foster collaboration and efficiency
  • You can now get the reports you need, anytime and from anywhere
  • Print reports or cheques as often as required to any printer connected to your local computer
  • Simultaneously, review reports online and discuss issues with accounting personnel in separate locations
  • First class help desk service


Below are some of the security and confidentiality measures we take:

Our servers are behind dedicated CISCO switches that provide protection against Denial of Service Attacks and common intrusion methods. Our environment has been locked down via strict group policies and permission management, providing a robust and sleek application publishing model.
  • Our dedicated Servers reside in a high security, data center behind the latest in firewall protection devices.
  • Remote log-in from any terminal connected to the internet is secured by 256 bit encryption.
  • All client data is backed up using a world class on line back service several times a day.

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