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If you have had a chance to speak with any of the fantastic members of the LedgersOnline team, chances are you have heard at least a few stories regarding our cherished document management system, LedgerDocs. If not, we would love to introduce you to the application that has played such an integral role in terms of how we communicate and interact with our clients.

Are you unsure of whether or not your business should register for PST or GST? This is a question that we hear almost daily, and is something that can be easily overlooked by small business owners throughout British Columbia.

Stock options are common employee compensation and retention tools at public companies that can be used to fund tax-effective donations to charity. When a stock option is exercised it triggers an employment benefit which is included as income in the year of the transaction and taxed at 50% of the normal rate (depending on certain qualifications).

Many individuals have goals for their family, business, investments and retirement. A financial plan can help you achieve all these goals effectively by coordinating your wealth to minimize taxes, shift cash flow to take advantage of short-term opportunities and manage risk.

The 2013 tax season has quickly come around, and we have gathered some important tax dates throughout the 2014 year in which US citizens should take note of. For more information, you can view the full IRS calendar of tax dates. With that said, please find some of the most important ones below:

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