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Bookkeeper salaries can range widely, depending on a person’s level of expertise and location, and benefits costs of bringing on a bookkeeper full time must be factored in befor you make a hiring decision.

You may already have accounting software, and you’ve already factored in software fees. But if you don’t, or your bookkeeper has a different preference for the software for your company, then you may need to factor in the cost of it.

Business Management Tips - Hire a Bookkeeper


Although a bookkeeper or accountant is a business investment, the savings associated with having a professional do your books may be greater than what you’re paying for their help. Professional bookkeeper can help you save late fees on bills, fees from the mistakes on taxes and withholdings, eliminate cost inefficiencies and redundancies, get supplier discounts for early payments, collect on delinquent payments and more.

However, before you acquire the help of an accountant or bookkeeper, do the same due diligence you would do for hiring any other employee. Figure out whether you can afford it, then get quotes from a few different candidates.

Make sure you also do an audit of the time they'd be putting in and their duties; consider also getting a second opinion. Remember that you also can hire someone for a one-time project to get your books in order, which might serve you as a test run.


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