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We are pleased to welcome Cindy to our growing accounting team here at LedgersOnline. With a BBA in Accounting as well as being designated as a Chartered Accountant, Cindy does not fall short when it comes to credentials.

We are delighted to welcome Renée as a new addition to LedgersOnline quickly expanding bookkeeping team. Renée has a BBA in Accounting from Langara College right here in Vancouver, BC.

Renée started at LedgersOnline having come from two co-op terms with a Chartered Accountant firm in downtown Vancouver.

The past two years has been filled with exciting growth for the LedgersOnline team, and we are happy to announce the recent move into our new office space located in the heart of North Vancouver, BC. With so many new faces on the LedgersOnline bookkeeping and accounting team, our new office is much larger and accommodating to our growing staff.

Irrespective of the form of business in which you operate, if you are going to have employees then you will have to contend with payroll deductions and remittances. The brief summary that follows will give you some guidance in the rules and regulations of the various taxing authorities.

A Corporation's first tax return is very important. Several elections are made which will dictate the way the corporation is taxed for many years to come. Some of the more significant elections that may need consideration are outlined below:

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