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Stock options are common employee compensation and retention tools at public companies that can be used to fund tax-effective donations to charity. When a stock option is exercised it triggers an employment benefit which is included as income in the year of the transaction and taxed at 50% of the normal rate (depending on certain qualifications). If you decide to donate the proceeds of the exercise – either the shares themselves or net cash proceeds – there is no taxation on the amount donated as long as the gift is made to a registered charity within 30 days. In addition, you will also receive a tax credit for the fair market value.

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Many individuals have goals for their family, business, investments and retirement. A financial plan can help you achieve all these goals effectively by coordinating your wealth to minimize taxes, shift cash flow to take advantage of short-term opportunities and manage risk. The financial planning process involves more than just investments. It is a personal road map to help you achieve all your life goals no matter how complex or simple they may be.

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Business in Vancouver magazine is a Vancouver based publication that delivers award-winning, in-depth coverage of the region’s business sectors, while providing valuable information to the people who make the local business landscape one of the most vibrant in Canada. The magazine offers unique information to business professionals, and also plays a large role in the business community by offering event opportunities, ranked business lists, and access to online articles and journals.

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The 2013 tax season has quickly showed up, and our team at LedgersOnline decided to accumulate some of the most important Canadian tax dates in 2014. You can find a full list of 2014 tax dates on the CRA website, but for now, see a list of some of the most important dates below:

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The 2013 tax season has quickly come around, and we have gathered some important tax dates throughout the 2014 year in which US citizens should take note of. For more information, you can view the full IRS calendar of tax dates. With that said, please find some of the most important ones below:

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The LedgersOnline team continues to grow, and we are pleased to introduce our latest Certified General Accountant, Sheiff Harji. With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Waterloo and Diploma in Accounting from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, Sheniff brings a wealth of experience to the LedgersOnline team, especially when it comes to private investment and real-estate management. Not only does Sheniff work with QuickBooks and Simply Accounting, he is also familiar with some of the more specialized applications such as Yardi, Platypus Billing Software, and SAP.

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