Are you unsure of whether or not your business should register for PST or GST? This is a question that we hear almost daily, and is something that can be easily overlooked by small business owners throughout British Columbia. This is why we have accumulated some important information for BC business owners that will provide you with an insight into whether your business needs to register for these taxes, and if so, the essential steps that you need to take to register, as well as some resources to help guide you through the process.

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It’s a fact of working life that cannot be ignored: a happy employee will perform better, and be far more inclined to stay at his or her job. For business owners, this translates into a team of workers that will be more productive and ultimately help to boost profits for the company. As Forbes notes, companies such as Google and SAP are legendary for their employee perks, and have dedicated a huge budget to help promote employee engagement and retention.

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Contrary to popular belief, small businesses do have decent success rates. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 50 percent of new businesses are still open after five years. To further your odds of being among them, avoid the three common pitfalls that cause small business owners to lose money:

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We are excited to welcome Meredith as the latest addition to our expanding LedgersOnline team. As a Certified General Accountant, Meredith has worked in the accounting industry for some time now, starting her career with one of the big accounting firms in 1995, and gaining experience in a variety of industries including education, construction, property management, and legal. Meredith brings a wealth of experience to the LedgersOnline team, and has working knowledge of accounting applications such as PC Law, Yardi, OLAP, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, and Caseware/Caseview. With a diploma in Financial Management from BCIT, Meredith is considered the office expert in PC Law, and works with many of our legal clients to ensure their books are kept on track.

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Getting your new business started off on the right foot can be a daunting task. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting from scratch, or leaving the workforce to enjoy the autonomy and challenge of running your own business; this guide is for you! The world around us is ever evolving, and now, perhaps more than ever, the traditional workforce is giving way to people who are ready to pursue their dream of starting and owning a business of their own. Unfortunately, behind the glitz and glamour of running your own business, there are a myriad of I’s to dot and T’s to cross. 

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Stock options are common employee compensation and retention tools at public companies that can be used to fund tax-effective donations to charity. When a stock option is exercised it triggers an employment benefit which is included as income in the year of the transaction and taxed at 50% of the normal rate (depending on certain qualifications). If you decide to donate the proceeds of the exercise – either the shares themselves or net cash proceeds – there is no taxation on the amount donated as long as the gift is made to a registered charity within 30 days. In addition, you will also receive a tax credit for the fair market value.

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